Mosaikstein Organization


The news in last year 2016 started talking about integration in different way, Learning language, working and paying bills, but now the best way is empowering refugees to share of social activities and events, being volunteers getting friends and build future, learn about new home history and culture, following roles and know about laws,

great, Mosaikstein has same idea,integration can be done by joining events and sharing cultures,ideas.
Mosaikstein cares about this type of integration and trying all the time to prove it by creating parties,dancing,singing,and finding time to collect people together.

Let’s make some difference together.


The Beginning always hard,always takes time specially if there is no support or basic knowledge of new country,new culture and new people.
Most of Refugees and Migrants facing this hard situation by finding the correct way to integrate and start new life,starting with learning language, not ending with finding job,our way to help refugees and migrants is based on collecting refugees or migrants together with German people in same place and give them the way to talk and know each other,we try to find the points which can be as junction to collect them,we try to create a bridge between both sides,using our possibilities.
Mosaikstein is a name of our group which means stones coming from different backgrounds,different religions and nationalities,all of them needs a place which gives peace and freedom.

Mosaikstein is a group was made by Syrian Refugees in city of Potsdam in Germany in April of 2016,those people who has no income trying to give help as much as they can,the support they got was not enough to cover most there actions,they decided at the beginning to do this job Voluntary,this group as many groups around Germany they try to give back and help back even with no supply.

Education can be in school,university,or institute,also it can be for free non-official,or courses,programs, Mosaikstein started at first educating it self by learning language,joining to workshops,this knowledge can be carried to other refugees or migrants by organizing workshops or short programs of teaching language and computer skills,education can change the life for person and can change structure of communities,Mosaikstein open the door for every volunteer who likes to join this partnership,sharing knowledge is type of education and Mosaikstein believe in it.

Language is first step to communicate,its necessary for exchanging the knowledge, culture,ideas, and integration can not happen without language skills,Mosaikstein helps by making connection and networking with different organizations and groups which works on finding good communication between refugees and German people,Mosaikstein trying to help by collecting people together and empower them to communicate.