Mosaikstein Organization

mission & vision

Our mission is creating bridges between refugees and hosting people,helping them to find their way easier in new homeland.

Refugees Empowerment Project now in cooperation with Cagintua project SAMOFA

 Our new project is empowering refugees in all Brandenburg , taching them about their rights , trying to solve their problems, taching them to get real integration, how to be active and what are the advantages of being an volunteer, this project has been suported by stigtung do and help and consultaned by stiftung Amadeu-Antonio,we get so pleasure to meet new people from Africa joined to our project, and we hope to meet again in next month.

One of our integration ways is bringing giving refugees their space,making them feel like home.

in 18 Mars we founded a time to make traditional party and inviting German people to share Syrian people in their time,dance,food and enjoying together, the result was great, more than 80 people from different nationalities joined and spend good time,this party was founded by Mosaikstien and supported by Freiland Potsdam and MEPA.e.V

We are more thankful for to whom helped us to make it success.

Anders als du glaubst

(Anders als du glaubst ) Is a Project has been created by some organizations in Potsdam city and the government of Brandenburg state in Germany, the idea of the project is making connection of religions and increase the knowledge about each religion, this project was very important to build life of peace and good connection between new orients in Germany and local orients, Potsdam now has many nationalities and different cultures more than before and this type of projects needed to hold the peace and freedom and understanding other cultures.
In a corporation with other organizers, Mosaikstein.e.V has joined and shared the organizing by translation, dancing and children support, which we appreciate the invitation and we hope our corporation increasing

Refugees empowerment project

​Our project for 2018 started in Mars 2018, it is for Men, those part of the community which has ben for long time forgotten in the time where all projects and support focus on women and children, Men between 20 and 60 years old are facing many difficulties to integrate and find their ways easily, we are talking about learning language and finding jobs, making network or meet new friends, the target of this project to empower men to get out of the closed circle and get time to meet, speak, enjoy, learn new things, and find new solutions.

​the project ( Männer mit perspektive ) is with cooperation with church in Potsdam and the Organization Sozial Stadt Potsdam e.V. supported by Bundnes für Brandenburg. 

​our Programme includes workshops, trips, parties, meetings and many new ideas, our idea is building bridges and good communication between refugees and locals,​ this project looking for more participants, its open for all men who are interested to take part in this great project every Tuesday 17pm till 22pm.

Social activity can be done from both sides (visitation to German old people).

Voluntary work is the most one can prove the humanity and feelings of other people, also it shows respect, appreciation, and gives more warm relationships between people of the community, Mosaikstein has worked on this part long time ago, in January of 2017 Mosaikstein started this voluntary work by making first visitation to old people house in Potsdam city, it was great to meet those people fr shor time, sharing jocks and laughing together, Mosaikstien has promissed to continue and try to Empower other refugees to join and sharing the social work

Because we believe in solidarity and working side by side, our project shared the time and place with Cagintua e.V which has project called SAMOFA, this was great to show our cooperation and our solidarity, we can work together to make new good friendship and real integration depends on equality and freedom

thanks for stiftung do, amadeu-antonio stiftung, Cagintua and all people has been there

Toleranz Festival

In Weberplatz Bablesburg Potsdam, 17\9\2016 there was a nice meeting and activities, Toleranz festival in intercultural week was a chance for refugees to show there desires, power and talents.
Mosaikstein had joined the show by Dancing group which gave a very nice dancing and Rap singing,we as Mosaikstein must say Thank you for the organizer and for the invitation,as much as we can give as much as we can get.


Mosaikstein has only one year started, empowering people to participate in voluntary work is part of our job.

Celebrating with Muslims world wide


Cooperating with Flüchtlingsarbeitasyl.Ev organization,Mosaikstein.e.V made celebration for Eid Mubarak, with Germans And Refugees together, celebrating and spending good time in fresh air.

Männer mit Perspektive

Nacht der freiheit

In 02.09.2017 Mosaikstein had invited to organize an activity called night of freedom, the idea was to collect people from all the cultures and backgrounds, religion, nationality, gender and even age, to give them space to meet and talk, listen and enjoy music, even to pray or watching others how to pray.

Mosaikstein organized food, dance, talking and many, all of that collaporating with Kirchenkreis potsdam (Flüchtlingsarbeit ).

Let’s make some difference together.

recent programs

Our programs still located in Potsdam city, the capital of Brandenburg state in Germany, read down our small and interested programs.

Our project of making social work continuing.

in 30 Mars 2017 was an other great meeting with new people, sitting and sharing ideas, food and culture, it was nice day supported by lady Erika Lehmann, with a promise to meet again we leaved the place feeling pleasure and happy to meet thoes nice people, our target to prove the voluntary work is the best bridge we can create between refugees and locals in new home land.

Workshop in Potsdam west (Erlösenkirche)

in 22\23\24 September 2016 Mosaikstein had workshop for women and men meeting together and doing hand work, which took place in Potsdam city, it was nice meeting with great hope to continue in future.